Happy Valentine’s day

I’m sorry that it’s been a month since my last update.  We’ve been really busy and needed to make some staffing changes.  It just sucks time away from things like this.

First off, thank you for all the comments from the last posting.  I take our customers needs, ideas and criticisms very seriously and am using them to make the bakery a better place.

Among the changes is that we now have a new pastry chef who is turning out some wonderful products.  Her name is Lisa and she is often around the front counter in the morning.  Please stop in and say “Hi”.  She is responsible for the new sugar cookies that we can’t keep on the shelf, new flavors of scones, the Linzer Hearts for Valentine’s Day and general all-around jazzing up of our entire pastry line.  I’m very excited to have her on board!

The other staffing change is that Hannah, our counter salesperson from the start, has left to pursue her dreams elsewhere.  We have not replaced her, but we have added Kirsten to cover the late afternoons.  She is very friendly and full of energy.  You will like her!  The rest of the time, you’ll see one of the bakers, Rowan, Jay, Lisa or myself, taking turns at the counter so feel free to talk shop with any of us.

For Valentine’s day we have a few special things going on.  We have a joint marketing arrangement with Garden Bouquet and Design across the street.  When you buy flowers at Garden Bouquet you can add our cookies to the arrangement, and we have their long stem roses for sale in our store.

We also will have several treats, special for Valentine’s day.  First off, we have the aforementioned heart shaped sugar cookies.  They are heads and tails better than the ones we were selling for Christmas and the colorful icing make them quite lovely.  In addition, we will have a heart shaped edition of our scrumptious Bostock.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you must!  We brought it back a few weeks ago and I’m glad we did.  We also have the beautiful and delicious raspberry jam filled Linzer Hearts.  They are every bit as good as they look.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow.  We’ve been running out of a lot of our pastries lately, so come early for the best selection.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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