Baking Schedules

Every step in the process of getting this bakery up and running is dramatically different.  Looking back at it, it was simple when I was just baking for the farmers market — Bake a lot of bread.  Sleep while it cools.  Sell it at the farmers market.  Sleep again after the market.  Then we started serving a few wholesale accounts midweek too, but that was more of the same, just two times a week.  Then we opened the shop two days a week for retail sales, so someone needed to be around during the retail hours.  The baking could still be done in batches with time to regroup and plan for the next one.  Every step makes what we were doing before seem simple, but stepping ahead is pretty overwhelming.

Now  We have a couple days under our belts with the new bakery hours — 7:30am – 6pm Tues-Fri and 7:30am-4pm Saturday, and there is no longer any time to regroup and plan.  Because almost everything we bake requires some sort of preferment or sourdough, things need to be prepped and set in motion 24 or more hours in advance of when it needs to come out of the oven.  As a result, we are always planning 2 days in advance, and the planning needs to be done while baking is happening.  There are no “off” days anymore and it is exhausting, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it quickly.  We’ve gotten used to all the other changes.

The long and short of it, things might be a little rough for a while, but we’ll get better and more consistent soon.

Thank you for all your support and nice comments.


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