Cold Weather Markets

We’ve been keeping our stand open at the Marquette Farmers Market and have been planning to continue doing so until the end of October.  The forecast for this week, however, caused me to call off this week’s market appearance.  Cold weather is one thing, but rain turning to snow, and maybe back to rain is not something we can deal with.  We’ll have the store open tomorrow.  It will be warm, and there will be plenty of hot coffee and tea.

We baked our penultimate batch of this year’s Apple Harvest Bread today.  It is definitely the best one so far.  The certified organic apples were provided by Sue Raker and Fred Galloway of Cloverland Apiary in Calumet.  After next Friday’s Apple Harvest Bread, we will be changing to Cranberry Pecan Bread for November and maybe throughout the winter.

Thanksgiving is the next big baking holiday coming up.  I remember that last year, it was when we first figured out how to make dinner rolls, and we made a lot of them.  Obviously, we’ll be doing rolls again.  But what else would you like us to do?  Please let us know if you have any suggestions.


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