For Robert

20080131-021.jpgI got a chance to bake a big round miche yesterday, similar to the ones at Poilane’s bakery on rue Midi in Paris. It was 2 kg (almost 5 lbs) and came out quite nice since I baked it at home where I can get some steam into the oven. Unfortunately, the occasion baked it for was a friend’s wake. Robert was a very special man and the world is a better place because he was here.

I am baking a full line of breads tonight, but I forgot to order the flour I needed for a full batch of Pain Poilane. It will be only at the Coop. The Coop is getting the rest of the ones that are usually there, and I will have those plus the rye and semolina at the Masonic Square from 9:30ish – 1pm tomorrow.

In other news, I will be out of town the last two weekends of February. (I WILL be here next weekend.) I am going to be taking two weeks of baking classes in California and am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, I need to run. I’m already late getting to the bakery.


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