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Thanksgiving Week

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Dinner rolls!  Dinner rolls!  Dinner Rolls!  For a a bread baker, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.  It’s quite a workout and by the time it’s all over, we’re all pretty tired.  No, worries.  It’s when we get to fine tune our roll shaping skills (two at a time), and it’s an awesome pectoral muscle workout!

Wednesday and Thursday we will have the following rolls available:

French Rolls
Cracked Wheat Rolls
Dark Rye Rolls
Buttermilk Biscuits

We will also have Ciabatta dinner rolls (a smaller version of our normal ciabatta roll) available on Wednesday, but NOT Thursday.

Also, on Wednesday, we will be baking Saffron Buns and Cardamom Bread.

Pies!  Pies!  Pies!  What Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without a pie or two?  We are baking 3 kinds of pie this year.  Apple, Pecan and of course, Pumpkin.  They are all wonderful, and will be avaiable all week.  Its still best to call ahead and reserve yours.

Please contact us with your needs as soon as possible.  By e-mail — peter(at)marquettebaking(dot)com.  Or by telephone 228-3777.

For this week we will be open Tuesday and Wednesday normal hours: 7:30am-6pm.  Thursday we will be open only from 9am – noon, and we will be only be filling orders that have been made in advance.   Friday and Saturday we will be open normal hours — 7:30am – 6pm Friday, and 7:30am – 4pm Saturday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving!