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Valentine’s Day and Other News

Friday, February 11th, 2011

THIS MONDAY (Valentine’s Day) the bakery will be OPEN 3pm – 6pm!

Since it is Valentines day, we will have a lot of sweet things for you to choose from  Most of them are in the case now.

Valentine's Day Treats

Chocolate heart shaped cakes sized for two (leftmost):  Rich Chocolate cake with vanilla Swiss buttercream covered with chocolate ganache.   I don’t like having one of these on the sample board because I always eat too much.  It’s wonderful, flavorful and melt in your mouth.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake Pops (top middle — 2 shown):  Cherry cake, on a stick, and dipped in chocolate.  When a few bites of cake are enough.

Chocolate Cupcakes (top right):  Bigger than the cake pops, but smaller than the cake for two.

Decorated Sugar Cookies (bottom right):  Most of them are pink hearts, but we have a few other shapes too.

Chocolate Parisian Macarons (middle middle):  Two chocolate meringue cookies with chocolate ganache sandwiched between them.  Gluten free!

Linzer Cookies (bottom middle):  Hazelnut shortbread cookies sandwiched with raspberry jam, finshed with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Cinnamon Meringue Cookies:  Light and flavorful.  Dairy and Gluten free too!

Hazelnut cookies: Small Linzer cookies without the raspberry jam.

This Saturday, we are making a special edition of our lightly sweetened Chocolate Bread.  For Valentine’s day we have added dried tart Michigan cherries to the dough.  Some suggest that the cherries should always be there, but then if it were that good year round, we couldn’t make it more special for Valentine’s day.

We will be baking some yeasted products but we are going simplify things since this is usually a day off for most of us.  We’ll mix and bake a baguette dough, so that means baguettes, french rolls, fougasse, sesame sticks and bread sticks.  If there is other shape of bread you’d like, we’ll be happy to make it, but it will be made from baguette dough — slightly sweet, chewy and a bit hard on the outside.

We will also have brioche muffins, Pecan Fritters and Cinnamon Rolls.  We can bake other sweet yeasted things Monday — like coffee cakes, fruit pasties, etc., but you will need to let us know today so we can prepare for it.

In other news, I am proud to report that President Obama enjoyed a sandwich made with our bread yesterday when he stopped by Donckers to grab some lunch.  Sure, we’re all human and we all have to eat, but still, he’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and he ate our bread!  I’m really jazzed bout it!

We’re gotten our Facebook page up and running.  It’s a little scattered and incomplete, but we’re getting there.  I plan to still write this blog here, but quick posts and pictures will start showing up there — more informal and more “behind the scenes things”.

I hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day.   See you Saturday, or Monday afternoon!