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Thanksgiving Week

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Dinner Rolls!  Dinner Rolls!  Come and get your Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls!

For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will have an expanded line of dinner rolls:
French Rolls — a crusty, chewy “hard” roll
Cracked Wheat Rolls — a softer whole wheat roll
Dark Rye Rolls — A roll version of our dark rye sandwich bread
Ciabatta Rolls — Hand cut rectangular rolls with a moist irregular crumb structure and a crisp crust

Also, don’t forget that our Sun Breads and Epi Baguettes are made to pass around the table and break into individual servings.

We’re going to have other changes to our usual bake schedule this week.  First the hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:   7:30am-6pm (normal hours)
Saturday:   7:30am-4pm (normal hours)

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we will be open 9am – 12 noon.

On Thursday morning will be baking to fill  customer orders only.  Our plan is to limit it to dinner rolls, but we will be willing to bake off a pan or two of scones or cookies.  Nothing time consuming.  We want to be able to enjoy the holiday too.

Orders for Thursday morning pickup need to be placed before noon on Wednesday.

We will be baking Cornish Saffron Buns on Wednesday instead of Thursday.  Calling ahead for those is always a good idea.

We will try to have enough product on the shelves for everyone to have what they desire for the holiday, but if you want to be certain, please call ahead and let us know.

One final note:  I have an endless number of things to be thankful for, but one big one is our customers’ support.  There are other bakeries you could go to — ones that are easier to find and more convenient.  But you chose to try ours and continue to come back.  Thank you for making the past year so successful!