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Finnish Thursday

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

We’ve given the Cornish Saffron Buns a permanent place on the schedule — the last Thursday of each month.  Now we are giving the braided Finnish Cardamom Bread its place — The first Thursday of each month.  In other words, tomorrow.  I’m happy with the bread we developed, but we are always open to suggestions on ways to improve it.  Stop in and try it!

This Saturday from 11am through 4pm, the Coop is hosting a block party on Baraga.  A lot of the activities take place right outside our door in the Children’s Museum courtyard — Music, games, activities for the kids, free cups of coffee, luge runs, etc.  We will have samples, treats, tours and demos.  It was loads of fun last year, and also the first day we opened the retail space.  Please stop down.



Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Although technically still summer, fall has definitely arrived.  School is back in session, the leaves are starting to turn and fall and the local harvest is in full swing.  That indescribable scent of fall is in the air.  Next week will be the last farmers market of the season in Negaunee, but the ones in Marquette, Munising and Gwinn will running through the end of October, I think.

One problem that shows up every spring and fall is the weather’s effect on our sourdough breads.  When working without yeast, the culture needs to be just right in order to get a consistent bread volume and flavor.  Temperature affects the sourdough culture dramatically, and is the hardest thing for us to control.  During the winter and summer, the bakery has fairly predictable temperatures swings so we can adjust how we refresh the sourdough so that it is at its optimum strength when it’s time to start mixing.  In the spring and fall the temperatures are all over the map, so it’s hard to get the sourdough just right.  The last couple weeks have been frustrating because our sourdoughs haven’t been quite as nice as they usually are.   However, every day is a new chance to do it better and learn something new.  We’ll see how tomorrow’s bake goes.

We have been baking a few loaves of braided cardamom bread on Wednesdays for 3 or 4 weeks now.  Each week I’ve incresed the amount of cardamom in the formula, and even though it seems a rediculously large amount to me, no one has complained that it is too much.  We baked another small batch yesterday and there may be a couple left.  Stop in for a sample and let me know what you think.

The last Thursday in the month is early this month.  Tomorrow is Cornish Saffron Bun day again.  Stop in for a treat.  They’ll be out of the oven around 7:30am when we open.